Staying On Track During Vacation

Terri DeVore

Does this sound familiar?

You are working out, eating right, drinking your water and are making great progress with your goals. Then, like a speed bump, vacation comes and gets you all off track. You slack on your eating and exercise and come home not being able to fit in the clothes you left in.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. Vacation can be a tough time to stay focused on your fitness goals when you are out of your routine and have less control over your food.

Don't doesn't have to be this way! With a few simple tips you can make sure this year's vacation has you feeling refreshed, stress free and STILL right on track with your goals.

Plan Healthy Eating
If you are traveling for any amount of time to your destination, be sure and pack healthy snacks for the trip. Don't be at the mercy of the plane, train, or convenience store. Stash a cooler full of fruit, sandwiches, nuts, protein bars, etc.

If you are booking a hotel, see if you can find one with a kitchen. Now you may be saying, “but I'm on vacation...I don't want to cook”. Well, do you want to buy a bigger pants size when you get home?

Have fun with it by going to a local market and exploring new and local fruits and veggies. And just because you cook in the hotel room doesn't mean you have to eat there. Put it in a basket and take it to the beach, park, etc. Even a hotel balcony with a nice table can feel “special and indulgent”.

Plan Fitness Into Your Vacation
When making reservations for a hotel, check and see what they offer. Do they have a pool? Is it inside or outside? Do they offer any exercises classes that would work with your time frame? Do they have a gym? If so, what are the hours?

Outside of the hotel, look for things to do to stay active. Are there hiking tours you could take? Can you rent bicycles to sight see on? Are there any walking tours you would enjoy?

Change Your Way of Thinking
Yes, you are on vacation. Yes, it is a time to reconnect with family, a time to de-stress, a time to leave the “real world” behind. It is not, however, a time to take a break from being healthy. Working out and eating healthy is only going to give you that much more energy to enjoy your vacation. Realize you are there to have fun and relax, but working out and eating right is not just what you’s who you are. you do.

I hope these tips will help you when you are planning your next vacation. You should enjoy yourself and have a wonderful time while you are away, but you should also feel amazing (and not guilty) when you return home.

Happy travels!

My name is Terri DeVore and I own V-Fitness and Fit Chick Boot camp. I specialize in training women and getting them strong and fit. I have also just recently launched an online fitness magazine for the Waco area called Focus On Fitness. And....I am also a mom!

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