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Nothing is as mesmerizing, warming and comforting as watching a fire.  An inviting fire has been a welcome companion since the beginning of human history.  Here in Michigan Winters can be long and cold, a glowing fire can warm both body and soul. MacDowell’s mission is to build you a fire the way you want it to be. We can help you through the decision process to find,  and enjoy the fireplace of your dreams. We have nearly 100 fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves and central heating units. on display. Your choices include wood, gas, pellet, electric and even coal. Welcome to our world of fireplaces.  If you’re looking for fireplaces in Lansing, Michigan, we look forward to the opportunity to bring the fire of your imagination to life.

What Dad Really Wants This Father’s Day

Forget tacky cufflinks and gold-plated watches. Ditch the “World’s Best Dad” mugs and “King of the Grill” aprons. Shame on you if a striped tie and cologne set even crosses your mind.

We know what dad really wants this Father’s Day and that’s to spend time with family and friends in the backyard with the grill fired up, the drinks cooled down, and music to keep the energy alive all day long. So just stop at the local butcher, take a walk through the produce aisle and, okay – swing by the liquor store or beer distributor – to make dad’s day.

And lucky for you, a team of ten experienced foodie bloggers have joined together to make his day even better. A truly #BetterFathersDay for dad.
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