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At Superior Home Comfort, we live by the words, “There’s no place like home.” We are a team of experienced and hard-working HVAC contractors who make it our mission to deliver the serenity and comfort that you deserve. Along with repairing your heating and cooling systems with the upmost efficiency and professionalism, we also offer high-quality HVAC products to guarantee that you will enjoy your home year after year.
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While our company may be one of many in the HVAC industry, the dedication and determination that we have proven to devote to each and every project makes us one of a kind. Find out what you can expect from the Superior Home Comfort team, day in and day out:

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The feeling of comfort is something that can easily be taken for granted, as it’s easy to forget the stress that your HVAC system endures, season after season. But when your furnace or air conditioner suddenly malfunctions, it immediately becomes your number one priority.

At Superior Home Comfort, it’s our mission to quickly take you back to the time when you were feeling comfortable in your home. Unlike other HVAC companies that focus on emphasizing the problem, our team prioritizes the Superior Solution, from the get-go. Whether your system is on its last leg or you’re faced with an urgent heating or cooling emergency, Superior Home Comfort responds with the positivity and expertise that we would expect if we were in your shoes. So when you find yourself fighting off the chills or wiping the sweat off your brow, you can count on us to restore your comfort. You will find that reaching out to our team was, in fact, a Superior Choice.


Air Conditioning - Before the heat waves roll in, our team will take care of all of your air conditioning needs to make sure that your summer is a breeze.  Read more....

- Mid-Michigan’s winter months can be brutal. Save yourself from the shivers with our comprehensive heating services, including our Superior Emergency Heating Repair.  Read more....

Generators - When you suddenly lose power, you want it back quickly. Our generator services can give you the comfort you need to weather the storm.  Read more....

Water Softeners - You are always using water to clean, drink, and bathe. Our water softener services can treat the hard water that is staining your clothes and appliances.  Read more....

Water Heaters - Throughout the year, you want to make sure that you have plenty of hot water to fight off the chills. Thankfully, our technicians repair and install high-quality water heaters.  Read more....

Geothermal - The world’s cleanest and greenest. Our team is highly experienced with geothermal systems, the most environmentally friendly systems on the market.  Read more....

Heat Pumps
- Discover the Benefits of Heat Pumps - Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly solution for year-round comfort—keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Read more....

Superior Products - Brands that Get the Job Done

If you elect for any of our replacement and installation services, the Superior Home Comfort team wants to make sure that you’re getting a top-of-the-line HVAC system at a rate that you can afford. Our expert technicians have the industry experience and expertise to understand which products are at the top of their game.

To best suit your heating and cooling needs, we offer the following products:


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