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About Us

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH) of Michigan State University is eager to assist you and your local veterinarian in meeting your pet’s medical needs.   Approximately 100 veterinarians have clinical appointments within the numerous specialty services offered by the VTH.  The VTH also has a state of the art Emergency Critical Care Medicine Service that is open 24 /7.  Advanced diagnostic equipment such as MRI, CT, nuclear scintigraphy, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, cardiac catheterization, and endoscopy are available to assist our highly trained specialists to determine the exact source of your pet’s problem.   The VTH not only uses the latest technology, the VTH also creates it.  The VTH combines its expertise with the empathetic culture of truly caring about you and your pet.





Q: Do I need an appointment to bring my pet to the VTH?
The VTH accepts appointments for its specialty services. Please call (517) 353-4523 to schedule your pet’s appointment. The VTH also has a 24 / 7 state of the art emergency and critical care service. You may bring your pet into the VTH through this service at anytime and without prior notice.

Q: Will my pet be treated by a student instead of a licensed veterinarian?
Vet students and vet tech students typically coordinate the intake into the VTH and the daily care of your hospitalized pet. The surgeries and diagnostic procedures performed on your pet will be performed by a veterinarian with some basic assistance from students.

Q: How many veterinarians work in the VTH?
Approximately 100 veterinarians have clinical appointments in the VTH.

Q: 4. What is the difference between a vet student, an intern, a resident or a faculty?
It takes 4 years to graduate from vet school. After graduation about 30% of our students will go into a rotating internship as a first step toward specialization. Many of them will subsequently matriculate into a 3-year residency position focused on a specific medical discipline. After successful completion of a residency and passing a challenging board exam these highly trained veterinarians are now eligible to become a faculty member in the VTH.

Q: What special services do you offer?
Almost every specialty that is available to human patients. These include: anesthesia, cardiology, dermatology, diagnostic imaging, emergency and critical care, general medicine, general surgery, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery.

Q: 6. My pet is overweight and I can’t get them the exercise they need. What can I do?
The VTH has a Physical Rehabilitation Service which includes an underwater treadmill. This device makes it easy for your pet to increase muscle mass without putting any stress on their joints. Call (517) 353-4523 to schedule your pet’s appointment.