Mighty Fix-It - As Seen On TV

Terry McFadden

If you have priced garden hoses these days, you know they are not cheap.

So I was intrigued by a product that promises to plug just about any leak.

It is called Mighty Fix-It. It is supposed to fix just about any leak, whether it is a hose or a pipe. Three rolls come in the package for about $10.

But would Mighty Fix-It spring a leak in our As Seen On TV test?

Here is a common problem every Spring: when you pull those garden hoses out of the garage and you see that they have cracks in them or pinhole leaks, and you try using duct tape on them and that might last for a month or two, but it's not going to last through the whole summer. That is why we are going to give the Mighty Fix-it a try.

In order to fix a garden hose you want to turn the water off, dry it off, clean, and apply the Mighty Fix-it. You want to cut off a piece of the Mighty Fix-it.... It can of reminds me of fruit roll-ups and kind of feels like it. The way it works, supposedly, it fuses to itself.

It doesn’t really feel like an adhesive when you put it together. And it is flexible, so you probably want to get it as tight as possible. When we turned the water back on, the hose was leaking out the one side.

To compensate for the leakage on one side of the mend, I used a bigger piece of Mighty Fix-It, but it leak started coming out the other side.

The Mighty Fix-it did only a slightly better job of keeping the water inside the hose compared to the duct tape.

This product also claims to work on a leaking pipe in your home, which certainly has a lot more pressure than a garden hose. My feeling about the Mighty Fix-it is all you have to do is look at the tale of the tape: it leaked with the hose and it probably wouldn't be the best thing if you had a leaky pipe. The Mighty Fix-it went down the drain and gets the thumbs down.

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