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About Us

Building Bridges to Careers (BBC) was created in August 2012 to bring community, business and education together to impact education and the local economy. Overall, the goal is to connect students and teachers directly with employees and business owners in order to expose our students to the variety of careers that could be had right here in Washington County. By providing real-world application of the curriculum that our teachers are required to teach, the hope is that this will increase student engagement and help them to see what is expected of them when they enter the workforce. Realizing that we have to work together, the members of the BBC have created a plan that addresses all of the above and intends to implement this plan next school year. As we move forward with the first action steps, the possibility of making a difference increases.

Does this serve all school districts?

The activities of the BBC are currently being piloted in MCS, but other districts in the county can participate in the program as it is progresses.

How can I become involved?

Contact Tasha Werry,, 374-6500

How will this help children and youth in career development?

Strengthening partnerships between the schools and the community will allow for job shadowing, career exploration at earlier ages, possible internships and employment for older students, career mentoring, and exposure to a variety of career options in our local area. It will also help teachers connect their curriculum to real-world examples in order to engage students more fully in the learning process.

What can businesses do?

Provide information to the members of the BBC about the necessary 21st skills needed for employment and current employment needs. Also, businesses can determine the level of interaction they would like to have with our local schools and the BBC can help to create in-roads to achieve that interaction.

Who are your partners?

The BBC currently has members from Family and Children First, Settler’s Bank, Marietta Health Systems, WSCC, the Southeast Ohio Port Authority, Washington County Career Center, Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce, and Mattress Express. There are others that participate on an as needed basis. This is the core group that created the plan of action, others are always welcome!

Is there a cost to implement? And who will fund?

There is no cost for businesses that participate, other than time. The BBC is seeking local funding via grants and through donations made to the Marietta Community Foundation BBC fund to help with the creation and upkeep of the website, to contract with the services of the community career coordinator/liaison, and to fund various student activities planned along the way.

What is your goal?

Very simply to help 100% of our children bridge the gap between education and employment: this means students will be able to choose a viable career, create a career path to follow, and transition to employment successfully by following the path created. This program also has implications for local businesses considering there are many opportunities for free advertisements.