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Perinatal Education: The Choice To Not Circumcise
Perinatal Education: Get Mom Into A Good Place
Perinatal Education: What Is Failure To Progress?
Perinatal Education: Moms Can Help Position Babies
Perinatal Education: Jaundice And Breastfeeding
Perinatal Education: When To Cut The Cord
Perinatal Education: The Baby's Position Matters
Perinatal Education: Why Would You Hire A Doula?
Perinatal Education: Parenthood Can Be Tough
Perinatal Education: Parenthood Can Be Tough
Perinatal Education: Emotional Support For Moms
Perinatal Education: Expecting Moms Can Do A Lot
Perinatal Education: What Is A Lotus Birth?
Perinatal Education: Benefits of Doulas
Perinatal Education: Getting Ready To Be A Birth Partner
Perinatal Education: Natural Labor Induction
Perinatal Education: Is It More Than The Baby Blues?
Perinatal Education: The Baby's Position Is Important
Perinatal Education: What Is Prenatal Depression?
Perinatal Education: Doulas Have A Positive Impact
Perinatal Education: Help Dad Be An Awesome Partner
Perinatal Education: Increase Family's Comfort Level
Perinatal Education: Doctors Are Willing To Try VBACs
Perinatal Education: Benefits of Safe Co-Sleeping
Perinatal Education: Cultivating Breastfeeding Success
Perinatal Education: Become Confident & Comfortable While Nursing
Perinatal Education: Helping Women Manage Fear of Birth
Perinatal Education: The U.S. Has Low Maternal Health
The choice not to circumcise
Getting ready to be a birth partner
Is it more than baby blues?
What is prenatal depression?
What is a birth guide?
Esali Birth/Perinatal Education: Increase Family's Comfort Levels

About Us

Esali Birth provides perinatal education and support locally within the Mid-Ohio Valley and online across the web.  We provide parents the information and resources to obtain the birth they choose, home to hospital, with knowledge of how to positively achieve a beautiful and powerful birth experience.  Esali Birth hosts various community events including the MOV Breastfeeding Cafe where moms can learn about breastfeeding and share experiences in an informal and social environment.

How can parents learn more about birth and choices?

We host free Birth Socials for families that moms and their support persons can attend to learn about positive birth experiences and the options they have in our area including the chance to talk with area educators, doulas, and home birth midwives.  We have a variety of classes, locally and online, fitting various schedules, interests, and situations.  Additionally, our Man 2 Man birth prep classes for dads are an excellent way for dads to learn in an environment catered specifically to their needs.  You can also find Esali Birth on YouTube for a Prenatal Choices and a Butterfly Birth webinar; topics excellent for expecting couples and those trying to conceive as well as their supporting friends and family.

Why is independent perinatal education so important?

Our culture has taught us that birth is an unsafe, scary, painful, and medical event.  Parents don't realize that the choices they're making, from the foods they eat to the people they choose to provide prenatal care and attend their birth, can change their birth experience and the health of the mother and baby (not to mention breastfeeding success).  Independent perinatal education provides parents with the knowledge to make informed decisions from conception through postpartum, and sets them on their way to a healthy parenting experience.  The earlier parents learn about the birth industry and their options, the sooner they can start making changes.  Without this education, parents may not have the evidence-based knowledge or positive perspective they need for the birth experience they may desire - whether home or hospital, biological or medicated.

How can families get breastfeeding help?

The monthly, free, Breastfeeding Cafe is held the 4th Sat. of each month where we provide education and support in an informal environment from pregnancy through weaning.  Moms (and their support persons) discuss trials, success, emotional difficulties, and offer advice while focusing on different topics each month such as pregnancy and the newborn period, common questions, working and pumping, transitional stages and starting solids, tandem nursing/nursing while pregnant, or weaning, to name a few.  This is the best way to learn how to nurse in public and get comfortable latching your newborn, getting positive support for breastfeeding multiples or adopted babies, or laughing about the acrobatics of nursing toddlers.  You can also contact me through e-mail at

How can parents stay updated on Esali Birth events and info?

Find us on Facebook and Twitter, check our website, and follow our blog.


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