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Phone: (740) 374-0420

About Us

Washington County’s Mental Health Recovery Resource Center

A day program for mental health disorders, to come and learn to coop, socialize and be encourage that they can achieve their goals of overcome mental illness.

Residents of Washington County aged 18 years and older who are recovering from a mental illness are eligible to come to the House of Hope.

Purpose of House of Hope
The purpose of the House of Hope is to:

  • Provide socialization opportunities and meaningful activities
  • Provide a caring community and mutual support
  • Provide programs and activities that foster recovery
  • Provide an environment in which recovery is encouraged and expected

House of Hope FAQ

What is the House of Hope
It is a day program for adults in Washington County, to come to learn cope, socialize and achieve goals to overcome mental disorder.

How does the organization help people with Mental illness?
To learn to cope, socialize and achieve goals and overcome mental disorder. Individuals are encouraged to find alternatives, instead of just sitting around watching TV. It has created a community where individuals who often have no voice or sense of community, can be themselves and have responsibilities (do chores, plan activities) for the upkeep of the House of Hope, and thrive socially and emotionally through supportive relationships.


Peer Support Group of the Year
The House of Hope is a proud recipient of the "Peer Support Group of the Year” award from Ohio Advocates for Mental Health.