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About Us

The Marietta Welfare League, established in 1926, is a local non-profit organization whose purpose is to encourage the interest of its members in the social and civic life of the community and to give efficient volunteer service.  This is accomplished through efforts to raise funds for women’s and children’s charities serving Washington County, Ohio.  The primary source of fundraising is The League Shop, a coffee and gift shop located within Marietta Memorial Hospital.  Contact us:, via facebook “Marietta Welfare League” or “The League Shop” or via mail P.O. Box 525, Marietta, OH 45750.

The Marietta Welfare League FAQ

How can I get involved with The Marietta Welfare League?
How can I get involved with The Marietta Welfare League?

How do I apply for a grant for my organization?
Organizations located within Washington County are encouraged to apply for monetary grants. There is no specific application, but groups are encouraged to write up a proposal explaining the amount of money requested and what the money will be used for. Anyone is allowed to apply. Those organizations that help women, children, and the elderly are strongly encouraged to apply. The League will not grant money to cover operating expenses, payroll, or advertising costs. The deadline for grant requests is (postmarked by) October 31st each year and should be mailed to P.O. Box 525, Marietta, OH 45750. Organizations are notified by mail whether they will receive funding or not. Grants are distributed each January at a special reception.

What is the Shoe Tag Program?
One of the most well-known and well received programs that The League funds is the Shoe Tag Program. Begun in 1938, the Shoe Tag Program raises money specifically to be given back to the children of Washington County schools in the form of “tags” redeemable for shoes at local participating shoe stores. To date, more than 8,500 pairs of shoes have been distributed to children in need right here in Washington County. As one League member says, “We put SHOES on KIDS’ feet! How amazing is that?!”

How much are the Tags worth and where can I turn in my Shoe Tag for shoes?
As of April 2012, Shoe Tags are worth $30 toward a pair of shoes and are redeemable at The Workingman’s Store in Marietta, Shoe Dept in Marietta and The Grand Central Mall, and Kmart in Marietta.

How can I get Shoe Tags for a child?
If you know a child in Washington County, Ohio that is in need of a pair of shoes, please talk to the child’s school Principal or Counselor. They have the tags and distribute them. Since there is no application and no economic requirement, Shoe Tags are basically anonymous.

What is The League Shop?
Located on the 1st floor of Marietta Memorial Hospital, The League Shop is more than a place to grab a quick cup of coffee. The League Shop offers patrons a friendly place to eat, grab something to read, or purchase gift items. It is owned and operated by The Marietta Welfare League and has been since it’s opening in 1957. The Shop is The League’s main source of funding for charitable giving. Every dollar from sales goes directly back to The League and its mission of helping Washington County. The counter is frequently staffed by volunteers and the sales floor has a variety of intriguing items including locally made wares and jewelry! (The Shop also boasts THE BEST milkshakes in the area!) League Shop HOURS: Weekdays 8a.m. -8:30p.m. Saturdays 9a.m. to 3p.m. and Sundays 1-4p.m. Be sure to “Like” The League Shop on facebook for updates on sales and specials!

What is “Music in the Park”?
Music in the Park is a free, family-friendly, live music series hosted by The Marietta Welfare League. Every Thursday night in the summer, the pavilion (or “gazebo” as it is commonly referred to) in East Muskingum Park, Marietta, comes alive with local musicians and community members. Concerts begin at 7p.m. on Thursday nights June, July, and August. This concert series has been rocking since the 80’s and continues to draw large crowds every week.

How do I get my band involved with Music in the Park?
The MITP concert series is very popular. The season starts to book as early as January. Bands interested in performing may contact or visit “Marietta Welfare League” on facebook.