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About Us

Gift Gallery of Vienna opened in Vienna, WV, on November 5, 2014 bringing the area a gift shop that features very unique gifts that are made in the U.S.A. Victoria Yater, owner, wanted to open a shop that would bring unique and beautiful pieces of art that are made here in the U.S.A., doing her part in keeping jobs here and allowing people to have good paying jobs so that they can provide a good life for their selves and families. Along with the importance of the items being made in the U.S.A., Victoria wanted the gifts to bring joy to your children, as well as, make you smile at their whimsy, and marvel at the beauty of the jewelry lines that Gift Gallery of Vienna specializes in.

Alex and Ani’s Jewelry line is the premier jewelry line at Gift Gallery. This unique and beautiful jewelry is made in the United States and is made with the intension of passing down the pieces from one generation to the next. It also takes sustainability up a notch and contributes to a new way of thinking and acting that considers the well-being of the planet that we live on. At the same time, the messages that are written or symbolized on each beautiful hand-made piece empowers those who purchase one of these pieces of art to play a part in actively creating the type of world they want to live in.

A few examples of U.S.A. made gifts that the Gift Galley carries are the Green Hen Soaps and accompanying products, Sunny Hollow Farms Food Products, Beautiful recycled wine glass lampshades, and elegant Beatriz Ball Fine Metal Frames that are hand-made. No two being the same!

Another special line that Gift Gallery of Vienna carries is the Lenny and Eva Line of leather bands that hold metal pieces that carry an inspirational message. This line, which carries the names of the two grandmothers of Kellie, who started the production of the line a few years back, also features the silhouettes of her two young daughters within the logo. Each piece has an inspirational message for young girls, young women, mothers, grandmothers, working women, whomever, to make the best of their lives, bringing about positive change in their lives, and with those they come in contact with.

There are gifts for children, as well as, beautiful canvassed art. There are also beautiful furniture pieces, candles, and pillows that you will fall in love with.

For a superb selection of gifts for anyone at any time, Gift Gallery of Vienna will carry something that you or the person that you are buying for, fall in love with.