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About Us

EMTeLINK® is a part of the EMFOTECH® family of Technology Companies dedicated to providing information about your medical condition to first responders in the event of an emergency. In addition the EMTeLINK® service allows your emergency contacts to be notified about your condition in the quickest manner possible. The EMTeLINK® service may also expedite and simplify your medical, dental, and other office visits by eliminating the necessity of manually filling out the health questionnaire.

First Responders & Medical Technicians can quickly access your Medical information with just your driver's license. EMTeLINK® provides a fast, simple, and secure way for you to access and share your family's, student's, employee's, or member's emergency information when seconds count. Sign up today. Be prepared. 



How do I sign up?
There are two easy ways which you can sign up to utilize our service. We offer a free 30-day trial and annual subscription for a very small fee. You can select either option on the main web page, "products" page or the "pricing" page. You can select either offering and the web site will walk you thru the sign up process.

How do I log into the system?
Go to and click on the "Portal" link located at the top of the screen. This will take to you the log in screen where you provide the system your "userid" and "password" that you used when you created your account. Then click on "tap to login" button.

How do I log out?
There are two ways to log out of the system. The first way is from the "Main Menu" click on the "Logout" button. The second way is to click on your name at the top right hand corner of the web site and click on "logout".

What happens after my 30-day trial?
EMTeLINK will notify you via email that your 30-day trial has expired. At that time, you will have the option to continue the service by continuing the service for a low annual fee.

Where is my data located?
EMTelink utilizes Rackspace data centers to securly host all data. All you YOUR data is located in secure data centers located in the United States. Click the following for more info Rackspace Secure Data Centers.

What happens to my data if I choose to cancel my service or not sign up after my 30-day trial?
Although we would be sad that you don't want to continue to use our service to potentially save your or your family members life, all of your data will be erased from our data center. Please consider that for only 6 cents per day for an individual plan and 10 cents per day for a family seems very reasonable for peace of mind that when you need the medical information it's only seconds away!

How do I view my medical report?
After you fill out your medical information profile, on the top of the EMTeLink web page banner click on "EMT's & First Responders" and then input your ID number and click on "Tap to Get Report".

How do I send mine or a family members medical report to the hospital or a Dr. Office?
Log into EMTeLINK by going to the EMTeLink web page and clicking on the "Portal", located at the top of the main page. Once you've logged into your profile, go to "My Family", go to the row which has the name of the person you want to send a report on. Click on the "action" button and select "email Report" from the drop down menu. This will bring up a screen which will allow you to securely email the report to the appropriate entity. The secure email link will be available for 24 hours to them, at which time it will expire, however you can resend it to them by following the same steps above.

Can I use this system to notify my emergency contact?
YES! Log into EMTeLINK by going to the EMTeLink web page and clicking on the "Portal", located at the top of the main page. Once you've logged into your profile, go to "My Family", click on the "action" button and select "notify contacts" from the drop down menu. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to type in a message, and then select how you want that message sent. We offer two options, via voice call and email. You can select both options or just one, your choice. If you select voice call, the phone number you provide will receive a call from our automated system, which will read the message to them over the telephone.

I don't live in Florida, can I still use this service?
YES!!!! Our service is not state specific, so anyone can use this service. We encourage you to share this service with your friends and loved ones no matter where they live.

How do I set up a family member to use this service?
First you need to purchase a “5-member family service". Once that is complete, when you log into your profile, you will see the "Main Menu". Click on the "My Family" button. You can then select the "Add New User" button. This will open a new screen for you to populate the family members account information. Be sure to let the family member know their "userID" and "Password" which you created for them so they can log in and fill out their profile.

How do I fill in a family member’s medical information after I created their profile in the system?
Once you've completed the directions in "How do I set up a family member to use the service?" above, you can click on the "Return to Main Menu" button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you back to the "Main Menu". Then click on the "Current User" which will drop down and click on the family member you’re looking for. Once you select the appropriate family member the system will change to their "Main Menu" page, and you can then begin to fill in the appropriate sections. You can then return to your profile by repeating the steps above.

Can a family member change their password and email address if I created one for them?
YES! There are two ways of doing this. The first; they just need to log into the system and click on "My Profile” or "My Password", to change any of the information that they wish to change. The second way being, since you are the administrator of all profiles for any family member listed under "My Family" you have the ability to change their information for them as well, by selecting them from the "Current User" drop down, listed on your "Main Menu".

Register Your Family Members.

Be prepared for an emergency.

Using EMTeLINK®, you can organize all of your family's emergency contact and medical information including medications, allergies, conditions, and other history.




For Families, Schools, Businesses, Groups, and Associations

Emergency Contacts, Medical & Insurance Information and more...

including parental signatures for students and student compliance tracking.



Could you remember important information about your family member's health in an emergency?

Because that can be difficult, doctors suggest that you keep a record of their important health facts handy.

This can help a medical team make a better, quicker diagnosis when time really counts.



Do you manange a group, business, or association? Do you know who to contact in an emergency?

When an emergency occurs, it's often difficult to get that information quickly.

You can use EMTeLINK® to organize your group's emergency information and have instant access to it when it is needed most.



Field Trips, Out of town games for Band members and Athletes ... Are you still carrying around that binder with their emergency medical information? With EMTeLINK®, you no longer need it.

EMTeLINK® provides a simple and secure way to access and share student information with healthcare personnel in an emergency. You can also track forms and parental signatures online.