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“We engage, inspire, and prepare students through academic mentoring”

At Engaged Academics, we believe in building long-term relationships with students, parents, and teachers. When everyone brings their puzzle piece to the table, a marvelous picture emerges.

Our Mission:  We believe in engaging students where they are today, inspiring them to be better than yesterday, and preparing them to be their best for tomorrow.

Lance A Davis - Founder - "Public policy seems intent on keeping the pressure on students and their families.  This pressure damages the student’s psyche and also puts an unnecessary strain on his or her parents.  At Engaged Academics, we are dedicated to reducing this burden on both the student and the parent.  Through academic mentoring, we will build the foundation of confidence that will help students succeed.  Academic mentoring will also help establish organizational skills and develop tools students will need in order to be successful in and out the classroom."  Meet the rest of our team!



In a classroom of 25 students for 1 hour, your child would at most get 2 minutes and 40 seconds of individual attention.  That's 12 minutes a week of individualized instruction.  With Engaged Academics, they are given a full hour of individual attention.

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