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About Us

African-Americans experience the highest mortality rates associated with most cancer (breast, lung, prostate, etc.) deaths despite decreases in morbidity rates for all other racial and ethnic groups. Health disparities are closely related to underlying socioeconomic inequalities and have been linked to racial differences among cancer mortality which presents major challenges across the entire spectrum of cancer prevention, early detection, and access to high quality care for disadvantage and underrepresented groups.

The overall goal and objective of the COE CRTCS Center is to develop innovative cancer research (breast and lung) utilizing an interdisciplinary and synergistic approach toward addressing some of the most significant health consequences in minority and socioeconomic disadvantaged populations.

The overarching goal of the Center of Excellence for Cancer Research is to reduce breast cancer health disparities in women residing in Gadsden County and Leon County Florida. The mission of the Community Outreach and Preventive Services (COPS) is to develop, enhance, and strengthen partnerships through Community Based Participatory Research with the Gadsden and Leon County communities to create a sustainable research and outreach environment and to provide screening services to underserved women for eliminating breast cancer disparities.

The specific aims of the COPS are:

1) Build capacity of academic and community partners to conduct Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) to reduce breast cancer disparities

2) Develop, implement and evaluate theory-driven, culturally sensitive outreach activities to improve breast cancer screening and awareness of breast cancer disparity.

3) Provide culturally appropriate outreach services to community members, support local outreach efforts and disseminate breast cancer and health information.

4) Provide free screening mammograms to eligible women in Leon and Gadsden County

The specific aims of the COE CRTCS are to:

1) Develop detailed innovative research plans that address specific cancer (breast and lung) health issues which disproportionately impact African-American;

2) Develop a research team conducting cancer research;

3) Train minority PhD graduate students in health disparities research affecting disadvantage and minority populations;

4) Increase the number of minority scientists engaged in biomedical and behavioral research;

5) Establish and enhance community outreach and information dissemination activities that will increase prevention efforts and foster early detection towards reducing breast cancer in African-American women (Leon and Gadsden County, Florida);

6) Establish and expand partnerships with community engagement/outreach organizations toward addressing and conducting minority health and other health disparities issues; and

7) Position Florida A&M University to become a prominent Institution of Higher Education in biomedical and behavioral research addressing minority health disparities. The major aims of the CRTCS Center are to promote minority health and aid in the elimination of health disparities as it relates to breast and lung cancer among minorities. 

Screening Mammogram at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Cancer Center

The project provides screening mammograms to eligible women in the Leon and Gadsden Counties. Women aged 40 years and older, uninsured or underinsured will be eligible to receive a basic medical examination by a physician at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and a mammogram free of cost. Please contact us for more information and enrollment: Community Liaison Ms. Miaisha Mitchell (850-284-3171) Gadsden Community Advisor Ms. Arrie Battle (850-570-1296) or directly 850-599-8840.

“A Friend is She Who Reminds Me” (© Rahman)-An intervention to increase screening among women”

This project educates women about a reminder system where one woman will call at least five friends on their birthday and remind them for getting a screening mammogram. The five women will call another twenty five (5X5) women to remind them about screening. In this process the project will increase screening participation exponentially.

Project TREE: A CBPR-Social Marketing Intersection Model (Rahman et al., 2004) based outreach and services

Tree is considered as shelter, source of comfort; Community based participatory research and social marketing methods are used to develop, implement and evaluate a model to increase breast cancer prevention, reduce cancer disparities and strengthen community-academic partnership for sustainable prevention efforts. This project is dedicated to develop culturally appropriate prevention marketing materials and activities targeting both communities and academic entities.

Breast Cancer Prevention Education and Information Dissemination

Based on formative research this project develops and disseminates information brochures, flyers, booklets, educational videos, public service announcements and other educational materials appropriate for the targeted communities.