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Phone: (850) 727-7307

About Us

Restoration Place is a spirit filled church ministry focused on the power of God which brings the message of hope, healing, and restoration to every area of life.  Our services are charismatic and faith building.

We are not a church filled with perfect people, but we are a church filled with people who have been through some challenges in life, and who have come out on the other side with faith and a strong resolve to please God.  We don’t  pretend we have it all together, we just know that with God on our side, we are winners.

We don’t expect perfection from the people who choose to worship with us and call this their home.  We don’t try to change people to fit into a particular mold.  We accept and embrace people as they are and trust the Holy Spirit to shape them into who God designed them to be.

We believe God can take what is broken and fix it.  We believe God will take the pain of your past and turn it into a launching pad for a blessed future.  We believe God will rebuild, renovate, and restore every area of your life and make it better than new.

We believe in God, and we believe in you!