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Vicki Catsimpiris


Phone Number:  (850) 893-1952

Peter Catsimpiris


Phone Number:  (850) 894-5000

At both Peter Catsimpiris State Farm, and Vicki Catsimpiris State Farm, their primary intention is to serve you in the most professional and helpful manner possible.  In addition to protecting your important assets like your home, cars, and business, they are also dedicated to educating, organizing, and preparing you by:

  • protecting and preserving your lifestyle and loved ones,
  • preserving your income regardless of contingency, and
  • growing your assets in a responsible way

Vicki and Peter, as well as their teams, are committed to finding your best insurance value, while also making sure you understand your coverages, are not paying for things you don’t need, and have discovered any gaps before you suffer a claim.  Personalized and caring, their service to each and every client is of paramount importance.

A State Farm agent for nearly 25 years, Vicki holds an MBA, a BS in Engineering and a BA in Linguistics. 

Peter is a graduate of Brown University, with experience at McKinsey and Company consulting in New York, as well as owner of his own consulting firm advising small business owners.

Both Peter and Vicki understand the many challenges facing individuals and families at every stage, from getting started financially, to being ready for a successful retirement.

They are ready to assist you with a wide assortment of insurance needs, including:

  • autos, motorcycles, golf carts, ATMs, motor homes, trailers, boats
  • home, renters, jewelry, umbrella coverage
  • business
  • disability, long term care, and life insurance

Stop in either office for a complimentary professional evaluation of your current situation and possible improvements you could enjoy.