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About Us

Total Bathroom Solutions is a different kind of remodeling company. How you ask? We just make bathrooms beautiful!

We envisioned a bathroom modeling company that would empower the customer with flexibility, transparency and choices. We did not set out to just remodel bathrooms we wanted to build a company that ultimately provided the customer with choices that fit their needs, style and their budget.

We can fully remodel your bathroom in one week or less, start to finish with our employees not subcontractors.

We believe that we add value to every project with innovative design, efficient planning and superior installation.

We understand that it’s not just another bathroom remodeling project but that it’s your bathroom and it may be the only bathroom that you ever have remodeled. Our goal is to guide you through the design and installation process so you get the bathroom you have dreamed about.

Patrick Dorsch and Joe Gephart came together to start Total Bathroom Solutions after working for other remodeling companies that followed the traditional business model, close the sale and subcontract the work. We knew there was a better way of serving clients.

Patrick Dorsch is a Florida native with over 20 years of business ownership. A graduate of Florida State University and a Tallahasseean for 30 years.

Joseph Gephart is a Indiana native with over 15 years of business ownership. Joseph has been involved in the construction and remodeling industry for over 20 years in Florida primarily servicing luxury homes in south Florida.

We are your Tallahassee Bathroom Remodeling company.  We welcome the opportunity to provide service to you.



No sub-contracting, no shortcuts, from restoration to renovation, we’re with you every step of the way.
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