Help Your Husbands Make You Feel Special

Presented By: Restoration Place Church

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Pastor Michael Smith who is a marriage counselor with Restoration Place Church about how moms/wives can help their husbands make them feel special. Pastor Smith has come up with four “L’s” the first being “List.” Moms/wives are encouraged to make a list of about 10 or 12 things that their husbands can do to express their love which will leave any and all ambiguity out the window. Next, Pastor Smith says you have to have “Like” – Let your husband know you like him. He knows you Love him, but do you appreciate him? This is going to motivate him to be original and make you a priority. The third “L” is “Laughter.” Show him you’re nice, that you aren’t “The Wicked Witch of the West;” it’s not only “diapers and cheerios” for you but you are actually a person with a personality. Lastly we have “Look,” that’s when you connect eye-to-eye with your spouse and you let him know that he’s special to you and that you appreciate him. This is the look that is only for him.

Restoration Place Church

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