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Women and Girls Counseling Services

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Priscilla Barnes from the Oasis Center for Women & Girls on a resource for women who may need counseling for any reason. Oasis Center is an organization that provides support for women and girls in the community. They provide individual counseling services for women and girls for a variety of different reasons. They see mothers and daughters coming in that may have issues communicating effectively with each other. Primarily it is teenage girls and the communication seems to break down between the mom and daughter. They offer individual counseling for mothers who may come in because they are frustrated as well as bringing the mother and daughter together to discuss the situation openly. Oasis Center offers a sliding scale fee that is very reasonable. They are willing to work the individuals who come in for the services. Primarily if their income is $25,000, each session is only $10.

The Oasis Center for Women & Girls

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