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Which child safety seat do I buy?

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Dr. Dennis G. Fiorini from Fiorini Chiropractic Center about a misconception that most moms have about child safety seats. From birth to about twenty pounds, kids should be in a rear facing seat; from twenty pounds to about forty pounds, they should be in a forward facing seat; from forty pounds up, they should be in a booster seat with a back that allows for best shoulder placement and seatbelt. Research shows that booster seats that do not have a back on them, does not reduce the chance for injury as much as the ones with the back on them. It’s just like putting them in a regular card seat sitting on yellow pages. It optimizes the placement of the restraint for the shoulder and seat belt so that the child will be better placed in the vehicle. Plus it puts the head closer to the back of the seat that allows for cushion against the head preventing the whiplash movement.

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