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How to Entertain Casually

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Linda Matthew from Suz Annz Down Under about how to entertain without extensive planning and preparation. Casual dining is becoming very popular. The formality is not important. The kitchen is the area where all the family gets together, where friends come in, where kids do their homework, where mom’s cooking the meal, and where dad’s on the computer or working on a puzzle. Things are going in the direction where the style is more laid back. More and more people are having baguettes around the kitchen window with round or square tables. It’s a very casual comfortable way to entertain. When people come to your house, the kitchen tends to be the first place people come. With everything laid out in the kitchen for entertaining, it’s easy and nice. Everything is right there at your finger tips as countertops serve as a great serving area. The kitchen is a place where the kids feel important. Sometimes you may be nervous about entertaining in the kitchen with upkeep on countertops and furniture, and casual dining helps to put you at ease.

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