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About Us

Who We Are

The Oasis Center for Women and Girls began in the heart of our Founder, Kelly Otte, a long time ago but became a reality when she and a growing group of supporters filed our legal documents in August, 2007. In January 2008 we moved into the Marshall House at 317 E. Call Street, thanks to the generosity of St. John's Church. There are literally hundreds of people who brought Oasis to life!

Because we are a grassroots organization in the infancy of our life and because we want the maximum number of community members to be involved, we have created a unique leadership structure for Oasis.  Our Board of Directors is relatively small and concentrates on legal and financial governance. The Friends of Oasis was created to focus on fund development and marketing for the organization.  Our Community Advisory Council is comprised of diverse leaders that provide insight, commitment and support to Oasis. 

In the beginning as we talked about the possibility of Oasis becoming real, we knew that if it were needed then people would help us. So we created 100 opportunities for people who believed in the vision of Oasis to become our founding members. And then we started telling our friends about the dream. And our friends told their friends.  And these are the people who became our foundering members -- the “100 who believed in us from the beginning”.   Without them, Oasis would still just be a dream.

Our Vision
Picture this: a place where anyone concerned with women's issues could access the resources they need. A place for women's groups to share space and information in order to work together toward common goals. A place that could ensure that women's issues remain front and center in community discussions. This is our vision. To have a center focused on the overall general wellbeing of women & girls in our community. The future is limitless - The Oasis Center for Women & Girls will evolve into whatever we need to be in order to meet the most pressing needs for our community.

Some of our future work will include:

Economic Self Sufficiency
Leadership development opportunities
Community Education/Awareness
Education and support to encourage women to run for public office (non partisan)
Promoting health awareness and issues for women and girls.
Community wide recognition of Women's history month.
A lending library
A place and space where women and girls can gather
Information and Referral

If you are interested in being involved at the ground floor of our efforts, please contact us.