The Importance of Female Role Models

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Kristie Teal from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend on the importance of female role models in a daughter’s life. Big Brothers Big Sisters has a waiting list of over 400 women who would like to be a big sister in the community and unfortunately the majority of the children on their list are young men, which is just as important as big brothers are needed too. It’s important for moms to realize that their daughter may need a female role model. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ goal in their organization is to help children achieve success. Sometimes that means higher education or staying away from negative behaviors, and having a female role model can help. A lot of time moms who have sons who don't have a father figure feel their sons need big brothers for male role models. If you have a daughter, be sure to inquire and learn more on how to get them enrolled for the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend