Are you an Organ Donor?

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Nancy Burke who is a supporter of the American Heart Association on the importance of being an organ donor. At the age of 27, Nancy found out she needed a heart transplant when she was pregnant and her daughter was seven months old. She had a successful heart transplant at TMH here in Tallahassee. Nancy talks about how very blessed she has been for the transplant and how eight years after the transplant, she had a son as well. It’s been almost twenty-three years now since Nancy has had her new heart. Nancy stresses the importance of letting your friends and family know your wishes about organ donation. Nancy says having it on your license is just one step but also talking to your family and friends about your wishes is important. Your family will be the ones to make that life decision and relaying your wishes to them before that time can make it easier on them. Nancy stresses how research on organ donation helps to answer a lot of questions. Find out about organ donation and talk to your family about it. It makes a difference.

American Heart Association

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