Family Shelter Program in Tallahassee

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Marta Arrington from ECHO about the family shelter program. In today’s economy, some families may unexpectedly find themselves homeless and in a need of a fresh start. ECHO has a small apartment complex on the south side of town in Tallahassee where families can stay for four months, rent free and utilities free, until they move towards self sufficiency. To be considered as self sufficient, ECHO looks to make sure the children are enrolled in school, and ECHO will help with referrals for employment opportunities. The goal of the shelter is to get families back out in society as soon as they get back on track. If a family calls ECHO for the shelter program, participate in drug screening, and prove they are willing to work, the process of moving into the shelter can move very quickly. ECHO wants to stress the importance of feeling comfortable to call for help.


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