Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Patty Ballantine with the American Lung Association about Lung Cancer. - November is Lung Cancer Awareness month. The ALA is trying to bring more awareness this month and let people know about the available resources that the Association has for recently diagnosed Lung Cancer patients.

More and more women are being diagnosed with Lung Cancer... The trend being seen is that about 20% of women diagnosed with Lung Cancer have never smoked a day in their lives. The picture of Lung Cancer has changed. It's not just "Grandma" being diagnosed any more - today it could be anyone. The ALA is trying to remove the stigma from Lung Cancer being the "smoker's disease."

Lung Cancer is the deadliest of all cancers and the leading cause of death for men and women. The survival rate is about 15% after diagnosis has been made. For someone who has been recently diagnosed, there are a lot of great resources with the American Lung Association: Call the Lung Helpline at 1-800-LUNG-USA to be connected to a nurse or respiratory therapist. They can answer any questions about lung cancer clinical trials, what they are doing legislatively, help with research and provide a support network to help with quitting smoking.

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