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Sarah Grady Ackerman talks with Pastor Michael Smith who is a marriage counselor with Restoration Place Church to give parenting advice. One of the biggest jobs we have as moms is disciplining our children; and we can always use tips to make that task just a little bit easier. Pastor Smith suggests that the main things to remember when parenting our children especially in the realm of discipline are three key ideas: we want to make sure that we’re clear, consistent, and appropriate. When you are dealing with a child, make sure they understand why they are being disciplined (clear). You also need to be consistent. Children shouldn’t get away with something one time and then be punished for it another time because that will confuse them. We have to make sure you “stick to your guns.” Number three, we have to be appropriate. The punishment needs to fit the crime as well as the reward fitting the accomplishment. This way you will have reinforcements on the positive and negative side.

Pastor Smith also mentions a chart that Mom and Dad should come up with together. – Parents should come together and determine the behaviors that they want to make adjustments in (for their children), chart those down, and then list the punishments for those behaviors. This way there is not a dispute between parents and the children cannot divide them when one is doing one thing and the other is doing something else. Also, the parents will not be confused if they happen to have different parenting styles (a united front so-to-speak).

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