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This is a one-pot wonder! By buying a whole chicken and cutting it up yourself, you’ll save a ton of money.

I challenged myself to see if I could mix a bunch of spices together and reproduce the same flavors that would be in a fajita seasoning packet!

When it comes to promoting a healthy diet, it can be difficult to convince children to eat their fruits and vegetables.

This is enough to serve 6 (or 4 very hungry) people.

Serve with breadsticks.

Serve with whole wheat pasta or veggies.

When I think of delicious, creamy soups, carrot soup is not one that immediately comes to mind…until I made this.

The best thing about this recipe is that once you know how to make the dough and sauce, you can add leftovers for the toppings and make it even cheaper than I’ve made it.

Serve with crackers and soup.

Since I was making this recipe up as I was going along, I wasn't quite sure what the end result would be.

Okay, how many of you out there have ever heard of ambrosia? I looked through a handful of my cookbooks to try and determine whether it was a salad or a dessert. In one of my cookbooks, the recipe was in the salad section and in another, it was under fruit desserts. Good grief, which is it?!?!?!

The catfish has a crunchy coating with a flaky inside and the collard greens are delicious! Believe me, if you’ve never tasted collard greens, this is the recipe to try.