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About Us

There’s an insidious crisis in America—one that few folks know about and one that nobody wants to talk about...

One in six Americans fall below the poverty level.  One in five children in the United States suffers from hunger.


· An astounding 57% of our area’s school children are on reduced or free lunches.  Many are “hoarding” food on Friday to last through the weekend.

· One in four (25%) of employed adults are on food stamps

In these tough economic times scores of children live in “food-insecure” households.  That means, on any given day, they go home to homes with little-to-no food available.

The cost of food  (as well as gasoline and other essentials) keeps increasing.  It’s becoming very difficult for families to stretch a dollar. 

More and more folks are relying on food stamps to put food on the table.  A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says this number shot to an all-time high in May 2011 nationwide.  About 45 million people rely on food stamps just to get by—that’s a 34% increase from just two years ago.

These statistics are more than unsettling—they are unacceptable!

It’s an established fact that well-nourished children are able to concentrate, learn in school and grow into happy, healthy, self-sufficient adults.  Every child deserves this opportunity!!

FOOD4KIDZ is an area food bank established to give sustenance and a sense of peace and security to hungry children and their families.