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About Us

If you lost your motivation and lust for life, and gained a larger wardrobe to show for it… we want to help you!


Black Clover Fitness FAQ

What is the “program”? ie. Block training?
Block training is an all in one program. We provide you an expert trainer, a custom nutrition program, and the guidance to be successful.

What result do people usually experience?
On average each one of our clients loses 8-12 lbs. per month, 6-12 inches, and between 4-10% body fat.

What if I have never worked out before?
That’s quite alright. We will have an opportunity to work with you on proper form and intensity so you can perform the exercises safely.

How do I know this is the program for me?
We provide you with a free session so you can experience our Block Training program before you make the commitment.

Do you guarantee results?
Absolutely. If you don’t like the results you see in 30 days we will refund your money. No questions asked!

You have a new location where is it?
Our new location is at 192nd and Q.

What is so special about the new location?
We have new equipment - equipment - Synergy 360.