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About Us

For nearly a century, Boys Town has given at-risk children in Omaha the family, support and care they need to overcome their circumstances and realize their potential but we offer much more than that. Still guided by the principles of our founder, Father Flanagan, and driven by our mission to change the way America cares for kids and families, Boys Town offers a wide range of services to the Omaha community, including:

  • Parent training, counseling and coaching
  • Children's medical research
  • Behavioral health and medical care
  • Boys Town Foster Family ServicesR
  • Boys Town In-Home Family ServicesR

Boys Town FAQ

What kind of resources do you have for parents?
We offer expert advice on issues, big or small, any parent might have. Visit our website at to find tools, tips and advice on all things parenting. We also have a 24/7 crisis hotline for teens and parents to call at 1-800-448-3000.

Who provides the parenting content on your site?
Our content is written and approved by psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors and other behavioral experts to provide the most accurate and appropriate parenting advice and guidance.

What type of information/advice will I find?
You’ll find information and advice on everything from potty training and tantrums to technology and teen discipline. Our guides are a great place to start:

What if I have a specific question?
For specific questions or concerns, you can call our 24/7 hotline or fill out our online form at

Through our Integrated Continuum of CareR, Boys Town provides the right services at the right time based on a child’s or family’s needs. We offer children and families services in their own homes, or, when necessary, provide family-like out-of-home services to children with special treatment needs. Boys Town works with communities and schools in order to meet the growing and more diverse needs of today’s children and families.

What We Do

A Legacy of Healing and Hope
Since 1917, Boys Town’s mission has been to​ give at-risk children and families the love, support and education they need to succeed. Because we firmly believe, that regardless of background and circumstances, every child and every family has the potential to thrive.

Who We Help

​​​​​​​​​No Child's Life Should Be Hopeless
Imagine growing up with absent parents, surrounded by gang violence and rampant drug activity. Imagine having to steal food just to survive day to day. These are the kids who have slipped through society’s cracks. The sad part is, just like all children, they have potential – they just need hope and someone to believe in them. Boys Town provides both to thousands of at-risk children each year.

See their stories and make a difference today.

Changing the way America cares for children, families and communities by providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that instills Boys Town values to strengthen body, mind and spirit.