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About Us

CHRONOS Specialty Auto Works is a whole new experience in the world of Mobile electronics and Accessories. Our premier staff’s extensive background in custom fabrication, electronics, audio, video, and accessories, make us the only ones to trust when it comes to your vehicle. We have invested heavily in our clean, sophisticated, state of the art installation and fabrication facility. Complete with a full size, production grade CNC router machine for unmatched precision, repeatability, and efficiency. Our contemporary showroom with dedicated Car Audio Sound-rooms and state of the art displays will make you feel comfortable as well as informed as you shop for your favorite quality products and services.

Chronos Specialty Auto Works FAQ

How much does a remote car starter cost?
While there is no simple answer to this question, we always strive to find the most cost effective solutions for the owners needs and the type of vehicle they have.

How much range does a remote car starter have.
To answer a question with a question, it would be "how much range to you realistically need?" A typical remote is effective from a few hundred feet, but we have ones that will meet your needs up to a mile away and even beyond with our cellular applications for use with smartphones and tablets.

How do I know if my car has started?
Nearly all remote starter will turn on the marker lights to let you know that the car is running. And a very popular option in the two way communicating remote that sends and receives a confirmation signal back to the user.

Is my car safe when it is running?
A remote car starter is much safer that letting your car run with the keys in it, even if you have a pushbutton start. A remote starter will lock the vehicle upon remote start-up and shut the engine down if someone tries to drive away without the correct key.

My car already has a remote start, why would I want an aftermarket one?
In many cases the range of a typical factory installed remote start is very limited. We can improve on this range dramatically and also offer a two-way communication remote so you always know when your car is running. Another popular option is to add a Smartstart or Drone cellular app unit to a factory system so you can start your car from just about anywhere.


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