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Just about every child has one by the time they're three. But doctors say as common as ear infections are - parents still have a lot of questions and misconceptions about them. Serese Cole clears up some the confusion in this Ask The Pediatrician report.(Full Story)
When you go the gym, it's not uncommon to see the guys on one side lifting and the ladies on the other side working up a sweat on the cardio machines. (Full Story)
We are 80-percent more likely to get a cold in winter. So making sure our immune system is in tip-top condition is important. In this month's Ask The Pediatrician report, you'll uncover six ways to avoid getting sick - no matter what time of year.(Full Story)
This time of year is prime time for illness and doctors say their offices are buzzing. But not every sneeze and sniffle requires a trip to the doctor. In this month's Ask The Pediatrician report, you'll find some guidelines on when to take the kids in.(Full Story)
Nearly a half million American babies, that's one in eight, are born too soon. Those babies have a higher chance of illness and death. In this Pregnancy 101 Report, find out about some lifestyle changes expectant moms can make to increase their chances of having a full-term pregnancy. (Full Story)
With shorter days and longer nights, kids might miss out on the chance to soak in some important sunshine and Vitamin D. In fact, doctors say most of us aren't getting enough. Find out why the deficiency could be devastating for children.(Full Story)
Most women expect food cravings and possibly morning sickness when they get pregnant. But there's something else many new moms will also have to contend with: acne. Find out more in this Pregnancy 101 Report.(Full Story)
Baby fat or a weight issue? That's the question many pediatricians are having to answer for parents. In this month's Ask The Pediatrician report, find out why most parents aren't noticing as their kids put on the pounds.(Full Story)
Finding out you're pregnant can be overwhelming. Finding out you're pregnant with twins can double your emotions. In this Pregnancy 101 report, find out how classes at Methodist Women's Center are helping moms with multiples to prepare.
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When it comes to exercise, all shoes are not created equal. In this month's Fitness Report, find out why your footwear can make or break your workout.(Full Story)
After weeks of summer fun, a less rigid schedule and spending time with family and friends, the idea of going back to school can literally make some kids sick. In this month's Ask The Pediatrician report, find out how to avoid back-to-school anxiety.(Full Story)
Doctors say when the tiniest and sickest babies are sent to a Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit in this day and time - they usually survive. That's good news, but it may not reassure a worried parent. In this month's Pregnancy 101 Report, find out how NICU nurses at Methodist Women's Hospital are preparing some high-risk moms.(Full Story)
If you've been to the gym lately, you may have noticed more seniors there, too. In this month's Fitness Report, find out why that is a good thing.(Full Story)
They're convenient, provide comfort and nutrition to your kids, but bottles, binkies and sippy cups may not be as safe as you think. Find out why in this month's Ask The Pediatrician report.(Full Story)
Premature labor, high blood pressure or placenta complications. They are all reasons why an expectant mom may be put on bed rest. It's a common practice during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean it's easy.(Full Story)
If your treadmill workout is lacking the boost you need to get motivated, don't give up just yet. A new treadmill class can spice up your old routine while helping you shed pounds, boost your endurance and even get you ready for that next marathon.(Full Story)
Now that most kids are out of school, chances are they'll be spending even more time outdoors - which means they'll also be in more contact with bugs. In this months, Ask The Pediatrician report, find out how to help them avoid the bites, what's needed to treat them and when we should be concerned.(Full Story)
The arrival of a new baby comes with excitement and joy but for the baby's siblings, it can also be at a time of jealousy or confusion. In this month's Pregnancy 101 report, find out how one mom got her little one prepared for the family's new addition just in time.
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It has been around for years, but fitness instructors say Yoga is gaining in popularity. In this month's Fitness Report, we find out why a little deep breathing and deep stretching could mean a healthier mind, body and spirit.(Full Story)
We live in a media-driven society. It's no surprise with computers, smart phones and video games, our kids are picking up on our habits. But doctors say they're getting too much exposure and it can take its toll.(Full Story)
Having a baby is a joyous event. But many parents don't realize the birth of their child could also help someone with a life-threatening disease like Leukemia or Lymphoma. Find out how and why moms and doctors want to spread the word.(Full Story)
Many of you vowed to shed some pounds in January. If you did, that's great. But now comes the hard part: keeping it off. Find out how two people did it in this Fitness Report.(Full Story)
It's not the news parents want to hear. According to The Centers For Disease Control, there has been a spike in pre-schoolers, of all income levels, with six to 10 cavities or more. In our Ask The Pediatrician report, learn about some steps your can take early on to get your kids' dental care off to a good start.(Full Story)
There is a medical condition that is diagnosed only during pregnancy. It's called Gestational Diabetes and it occurs when glucose levels are high in expectant moms. In this Pregnancy 101 report, find out how this can change a pregnancy and put mom and baby at risk.
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A workout that started in London back in the '70s is now new and improved and back in the limelight and it's making its way to the Midwest. As you'll discover in this Fitness Report, it's giving women, who loved to dance when they were girls a chance to relive that thrill and burn off some calories at the same time.(Full Story)
It's a routine doctor's visit for three-year-old Davon Ross. Dr. Clancy McNally takes advantage of every opportunity to talk to kids and their parents about healthy choices. She says there's an easy way to enforce good habits at home - and it's as simple as counting.
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If you are an expectant mother, one of the many things on your To Do List is to enroll in a childbirth education class. As you'll discover in this Pregnancy 101 report, it not only helps prepare you for the unknown, it also helps you decide what kind of birth is best for you.(Full Story)
Many of us resolved to become more fit in 2012, but fitness instructors say most of our workouts are missing a key component. In this month's Fitness Report, find out why we all need to make time to stretch when we exercise.(Full Story)
Cracked, dry hands are a sure sign winter is here. But it doesn't just affect us. Our kids suffer, too. Find out how you can keep the entire family's skin from drying out this winter in this Ask The Pediatrician report.(Full Story)
When you find out you're pregnant, the last thing on your mind may be exercise. But in this Pregnancy 101 Report, Serese Cole tells us why it should be top of mind.(Full Story)
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is enough to get anyone off their workout routine. But as Serese Cole tells us in her fitness report, instructors say a workout buddy could be the answer to your exercise dilemma.(Full Story)
Doctors at Children's Hospital and Medical Center say this year alone, they've treated dozens of kids who've swallowed everything from thumb tacks and magnets to coins - even ornament hooks. In our Ask The Pediatrician report, Serese Cole tells us how to keep that from happening to your kids this holiday season.(Full Story)
For couples wanting to start a family, having trouble getting pregnant can be frustrating. In this Pregnancy 101 report, Serese Cole tells us why getting a fertility evaluation can help.(Full Story)
It had been more than 30 years since the Food and Drug Administration approved a new treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. That changed in August. It's excellent news for patients who have not responded to traditional cancer-fighting drugs and this groundbreaking treatment is available right here in Omaha.(Full Story)
We could all probably come up with a number of reasons why we shouldn't get the flu shot. Doctors say the the most common excuse they hear, "You'll get the flu if you get the shot." They say that's just a myth.(Full Story)
Finding out you're pregnant can be one of the happiest days of your life. But it doesn't take long before the emotional roller coaster begins - filled with anticipation and anxiety. (Full Story)
Getting to the gym isn't always an option for busy moms. But there is still a way to get in a good workout that's convenient - and fun for the kids. In today's Fitness Report, Serese Cole shows us how a trip to the park can help you get fit - while taking in some of this nice fall weather.(Full Story)
We've all heard the term Growing Pains but for kids, those two words are more than just a common phrase. They're real. And they can be painful. In September's Ask The Pediatrician report: a look at what parents should know about growing pains - and how to help.(Full Story)
It has been called the "Silent Killer" or the "Whispering Disease" but an Omaha woman and her doctor say the silence - when it comes to ovarian cancer - needs to broken. In today's Family Health report: what women should know about the disease.(Full Story)
We are launching a new segment just for expectant moms, or women who are just thinking about having a baby. It's called Pregnancy 101. Serese Cole looks into the major decision to get pregnant and what you need to do make sure your body is prepared.

(Full Story)
There's a big change coming to a popular infant medicine.
And the transition for parents, who give their babies or toddlers Tylenol or Acetaminophen - could be confusing - even dangerous.
Serese Cole explains why.

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Sales of energy drinks are expected to top $9 million this year. The drinks are often marketed to kids. But doctors want parents to know that energy drinks are no good for kids and could put their health at risk.

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