A New Twist in Turning Teeth

It's called Invisalign and it does away with the traditional brackets and wires. In their place, a tray takes care of the work.

Omaha orthodontist, Dr. Tom Huerter says, "They're clear, plastic trays. They're very comfortable. They're very easy to keep clean. There's no brackets to break. There are no wires to poke. And every two weeks a new tray is put in and the teeth move very gradually for two weeks. A new tray is placed in after that."

This used to be for adults only but now teens can also take advantage of the technology and Dr. Huerter says, "We have found that our teenage patients are very receptive. They don't want to wear braces. They don't want to be in high school with braces. And the Invisalign works beautifully."

It's also a great option for active kids involved in sports.

"This is perfect," Dr. Huerter said. "For the active child there's no better way to treat an orthodontic case."

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