Move It! It Might Look Better Somewhere Else.

If you'd like to change what you look like, you might be able to use what you look like to look like what you want to look like. Make the move from flab to fab.

Sculpt Contemporary Cosmetic Surgery and Spa might be able to help you out with the fat transfer.

Dr. Gerard Stanley says, "I think one of the most exciting new procedures that we're seeing done, really on the coasts from the majority of standpoints, is fat transfer where we're harvesting fat from one place in the body and transfering it to another."

You might already have exactly what you need for your personal revolution.

"So where we're doing facial rejuvenation just from the normal fat loss in the face from aging or we're doing a breast augmentation with fat or we're doing a buttock augmentation or we're doing even a hand rejuvenation, where we're trying to make the hands look younger with fat, there's so many neat things you can do with your own body."

Astonishingly, these are procedures that are done, "without a knife ever touching your body," Dr. Stanley said.

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