Turning the Learning Curve

Learning begins the day we're born and Montessori Educational Centers don't waste any time capitalizing on that.

Montessori started in Omaha in 1967. Today, there are seven locations in the metro.

Montessori's Pam Plambeck says, "When someone refers to Montessori, they usually think back to Dr. Maria Montessori. And Dr. Montessori made it her life work to reveal the secret of childhood. And what the secret of childhood is, is the seed that is within every person, every child and that's who I am or who I am meant to become."

She says the goal of a Montessori educator is to help that potential unfold. The learning environment guides the process.

Children can start at the age of six weeks and continue up to age 12.

If you're interested in finding out more, Montessori's Dr. Lavonne Plambeck says, "You could call and ask for a tour of one of our locations and that would be a great way to begin to see it."

But while you're here, a good first step is just a click away. Visit Montessori's page here on MomsEveryday.com.

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