Influenza, Stomach Flu and Strep Throat Is Going Around

Despite the warnings, doctors say many of us still haven't gotten a flu shot. As a result, Dr. Mel Roca in Council Bluffs says he's seen an increase of flu cases. Most are adults and most have the common symptoms: fever, muscle aches, coughing, runny nose, headaches and sore throat. If you have flu-like symptoms, you should see a doctor within the first two days of your symptoms for treatment - and to reduce your chances of complications. After two days you can still try home remedies - like bed rest, plenty of fluids, eating a balanced meal, staying warm, taking decongestants and over-the-counter cough medications - or Tylenol or Ibuprofen for fevers and muscle aches.

Dr. Steve Sindelar in Bellevue say the Stomach Flu is going around. It's causing tummy aches, upset stomach and vomiting...and loose stools among infants and toddlers. It only lasts a few days, but the younger the child - the longer some of the symptoms may last. It's especially true for diarrhea - which could last a week or more. Fluids are key. Pedialyte is a good option for the little ones, while Gatorade-type of drinks will work for older kids. Dr. Sindelar says you shouldn't rush the solid foods though. Only start back with those as the child can tolerate them after a day or two.

In Millard, Dr. Carey Ertz is also seeing cases of Gastroenteritis or "Stomach Flu.". She's seeing symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, mild fever, chills, body aches, crampy abdominal pain and decreased appetite. She recommends: taking small, frequent sips of clear fluids, Pedialyte, eating a bland diet and avoiding milk for 2-3 days. See a doctor if there are signs of dehydration, blood in stool or vomit, severe abdominal pain and inability to keep fluids or foods down.

Dr. Amy Lacroix in Midtown is seeing kids with Strep throat. Common symptoms are a sore throat and fever. If your child shows signs of strep - he or she should be tested. If the test is positive treatment will include antibiotics. If results are negative - Tylenol or Ibuprofen can help the pain.

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