Help for the Neediest

You've probably heard of Catholic Charities but do you know what they do? If you don't, you have plenty of company.

Emily Kozlik, with Catholic Charities, says they'd like to shed more light on their mission. They've been reaching out to the community here for 86 years.

"We have a wide array of services to serve the neediest in our community. And it's important that people are aware of what we do," she said.

This is a separate entity from the Omaha Archdiocese.

"We're more the service arm," Emily said. "But we are two separate entities. So we serve all faiths. We serve all ages from pre-school to residential addiction services."

There are also several food pantries.

All of this takes money. If you can help, get in touch. Click here to visit their Web site.

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Pat Persaud
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