Reconfigure Your Figure

Pregnancy can reinvent the shape of your body. So can Aesthetic Surgical Images. Their Mommy Makeover can help get your shape back in shape.

Aesthetic Surgical's Dr. John Edney says the Mommy Makeover term applies to a number of procedures that are designed to address common issues resulting from pregnancy.

"For example," he says, "a lot of times women will complain about their breasts having more droop to them. They'll complain about loss of volume to the breasts. And usually they have some loose skin of their abdomen or some fat left over in the hips and thighs that they can't get rid of with diet and exercise."

The Mommy Makeover addresses those concerns. These are typically fixes that are done at one time. A tummy-tuck is the biggest of the procedures and it requires the longest recovery.

Dr. Edney says, "Normally we'll tell people to stay home for about two weeks afterwards. And then they're back to driving their car in two to three weeks. They're back to heavy exercise in six to eight weeks."

Selecting the right procedure for the right patient is a key to success.

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