Shake Your Sugar!

Has your nutrition train derailed? Is your caboose more prominent than your engine? Black Clover Fitness can help you get things back on track.

Black Clover's Corey Cain says, "What I see going on is no surprise. But we need to eliminate sugar."

And that's not just candy. Sugar can sneak up on you from all sorts of hiding places.

"It's also the white flour and the processed breads and cereals; the white rice," Corey said. "When we get rid of that in our diet, what we do is we affect our insulin level. And really, insulin's not the criminal here. Sugar is. But when we eat too much sugar, insulin goes up. Insulin is the hormone of growth. And that growth is either going to come in muscle tissue or fat."

If you're not exercising to develop muscle, that stuff's going into the fat bucket. So when you get yourself in motion, move toward the fruits and vegetables.

"The one thing we forget is that we get all the fiber and all the carbohydrate we need from our vegetables. And also our fruits," Corey said.

Black Clover Fitness can help you map out a dietary roadmap as well as an exercise path. For more information about Black Clover, visit their page here on

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