A Silicone Solution

Gumdrops are making waves in the world of cosmetic surgery. The gumdrop breast implant is proving to be very popular.

Dr. David Finkle says, "The shape is new. It has more height and less width at the bottom. And they've become very popular because they have solid silicone gel inside." That means there's no threat of leakage.

Dr. Finkle says in 1992 the FDA removed silicone implants from the market. They came back in 2006.

"Since that time we've had a lot of studies that show they're very safe and it's become the most popular implant," Dr. Finkle said. He also told us that some women have switched from saline and it's a switch that's "very easy to do."

He says the gumdrops are recommended for women having reconstructive work and for cosmetic purposes.

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