Bring a Revolution Home

If you're thinking about reinventing your home from the inside out, here's an inside tip for you: Premier Countertops.

Whether you're thinking about major updates or minor touch-ups, Premier has a wide array of choices for you. They also have experts on hand to help you sort through your choices.

Premier's Lori Ludwick says, "We have increased the size of our showroom tremendously. We have the largest product selection in about a six-state area. We also are now offering tile, whether it be backsplashes, we also have flooring, cabinets."

Their on-staff designers will work with you on your selections and that service is free.

As for installation, Lori says something like countertops can be in and out in one day. A backsplash will take another day or two.

For more information on Premier, visit their page here on

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Pat Persaud
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