Get the Bite Right

Dr. Tom Huerter says the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that patients are seen by the time they're that age.

"When we seem them early, the main thing we're looking for are developmental problems," he said.

Dr. Huerter tells us that the early look around, even when baby teeth are still present, can allow the chance to spot subtle problems in the making.

He says the first visit is just an evaluation and it might just verify that all is well. If there are signs of potential trouble, your child can be put under observation, perhaps getting check-ups every six months to see how things are going. The third possibility is that an interceptive type of orthodontic treatment is begun.

Dr. Huerter says, "We try to do things in an early phase of treatment that, if we let them go, could get worse or could create problems in the future."

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