It's Magic!

Opera Omaha is ready to toot your flute. The Magic Flute is about to sizzle your senses with a bubbling cauldron of color, sound and excitement.

Opera Omaha's Elisabeth Bieber says, "This is a perfect first opera and it's great for families. It's a wonderful, easy story. Really recognizable, famous music, great colors, beautiful set design and costume designs by Jun Kaneko."

You can bring the fairy tale to life for your whole family, "and there's so many mythical, fun creatures here," Elisabeth said. "It's a story of love too. So it's a good date night opera to go to."

Elisabeth Bieber

By the way, if the kids are fidgety, the Flute might have a built-in solution.

"This is definitely one of those shows that's going to capture their imagination and hold their interest through the whole show."

Elisabeth has firsthand knowledge. She's in the cast, playing The Third Lady, one of the henchmen of the Queen of the Night. "Eh, ya know. With enough makeup..."

Performances are scheduled February 22 and 24.

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