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There are plenty of options available, especially when it comes to new countertops.

Lori Ludwick, owner of Premier Countertops, says, "We have everything from solid surface, which was very popular at one time, not so much anymore, um, granite, quartz. There are also options of glass and concrete, something that we don't dabble in. It's a little more specialized."

Of course, the problem with loads of options is deciphering what's best for your home.

Lori says, "We do have designers on staff that can assist you. It also takes into consideration your lifestyle; what you're looking for in your kitchen; how much you use your kitchen."

She says granite is still their most popular option these days but before you race out to grab a slab, keep in mind that you're going to face some decisions. Each slab is different. You'll need to select the one that works for you.

"Granite can get pretty wild in its patterns," Lori said. "If you don't like that, we suggest engineered stone or quartz."

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