Your Geometry's New Equation

If the time has come to put a new you in the mirror, Aesthetic Surgical Images might be able to help redesign your reflection.

Breast augmentation is the most frequent operation they perform. That's in keeping with the national trend.

Dr. John Edney, a plastic surgeon with Aesthetic Surgical Images says, "Breast augmentation is the enlargement of the breast. We place a breast implant, usually under the muscle of the breast wall, sometimes under the breast tissue, to make the breast fuller and larger. A breast lift is designed to take up the extra skin and actually lift up the breast, compact it and make it more youthful looking."

While surgical breast modifications have been around for years, new technology, in the form of 3-D imaging, can help you get a glimpse of the future before having work done.

Dr. Edney says, "Over the years, probably one of the biggest questions women had was, 'how am I going to look afterwards,' and it was hard to describe that to them. But now with the 3-D imaging, they can get a very good idea of how they're going to look and it helps them select not only the size of the breast that they want but actually, in many cases, the size of implant and the type of implant they're going to have."

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