Eat Right or You'll Get What's Left

It can be tough to keep your nutritional train on the right track when you're always on the run. But dining out doesn't mean the menu has to suffer.

Jason's Deli has plenty of healthy options for you.

Crystal Neun, with Jason's says, "We have everything printed out for nutritional information. We have special menus for the gluten-free options, vegetarian options. All that stuff is also available online, so if you want to check it out before you come in you can so you're ready to know what you're having."

There's also a special menu for kids. The foods are nitrate-free.

"We get our produce in from a local vendor fresh," Crystal said. "We get our bread in fresh from local vendors."

They also do deliveries in the metro area.

To find out more about Jason's Deli, visit their page here on

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Pat Persaud
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