Pick a School - Any School

It's time to enroll. Get rollin'. You have until mid-March to decide where the kids will be attending school.

It's Open Enrollment season in Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

The Learning Community's Nancy Jacobson says, "Open Enrollment is about choice. Giving parents a choice about what school they choose to send their children to. We implemented open enrollment in 2009 and so parents can choose any school in Douglas and Sarpy County."

First you'll need to do your homework. You can find information online and you can visit the schools.

"This is very important," Nancy said. "We feel that you need to take this next step, visiting the school and touring the school."

Actual registration is done online and that needs to be done by March 15.

For more information about the Learning Community, stop by their page here on MomsEveryday.com.

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