Take the Sting Out of that Ding

Sometimes it's easy to take your car for granted - the Point-A to Point-B machine that's not supposed to be on your worry list. Repair work can get intimidating but Searl Auto Body can help you get your wheels back in motion.

Searl's Chelsie Schmitz says, "They're the second investment to our house and they're important to us. And we don't ever want to be in the position of being, of needing a repair or an estimate."

That's where the hand-holding comes in.

Chelsie says, "Estimates are an easy process. They are 15 minutes on your lunch break, before you go in, on your way home. We don't require an appointment. They're free."

They do accept appointments if you want to make sure there isn't any waiting. And Chelsie says they work with all insurance companies.

For more information about Searl Auto, stop by their page here on MomsEveryday.com.

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Pat Persaud
Pat Persaud received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Morningside College, in Sioux City, Iowa, and majored in English, with an emphasis on British Literature.