Shake Your Toxins

The holidays are here. Decorate you mood. There's nothing like a good massage to purge those toxins and put a festive spring in your winter step.

Dan Nedved, with Omaha's Faces Spa says there are real health benefits to consider as well.

"We all know that we need to take stress out of our lives as much as possible and anytime we can reduce the amount of stess, we can reduce the chances of disease," he said. "Our massage is specifically formulated to help decrease anxiety, enhance sleep quality, gives you more energy, improve concentration, increases circulation and reduces fatigue."

That aside, it feels good.

Nedved says they also offer several body treatments which he says are great this time of year.

"One of the ones that we like to do is Milk and Honey."

And don't forget the gift cards. Those are popular for the holidays.

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