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For a healthful twist on your typical taco, try this recipe that will have both vegetarians and meat eaters clamoring for seconds.

Crunchy ears of fresh sweet corn are charred to perfection then slathered with a mixture of cheese and mayo, sprinkled with chili powder and squirted with lime for simple flavor perfection.

This recipe is made with canned crab and lycopene-rich diced tomatoes.

This recipe is pretty flexible and can easily be adjusted to your family’s taste.

This recipe features nutritious canned pineapple and protein-packed black beans.

If you enjoy the crunch of croutons in your salad, but need to avoid gluten, this is an easy and inexpensive option!

The leftover pesto sauce can be saved for a pasta dish later in the week.

With this crispy Napoleon dessert you can use any berries you like, just making sure they are ripe.

This recipe is much easier to put together than it looks!

This is a fast, no bake breakfast to take to work that can also be used for an after school snack.

This is a versatile recipe that you can custom make to your own taste, and easily use up any extra vegetables you might have in the fridge.

Serve with breadsticks.

Changing up traditional meals to incorporate the goodness of seafood is easier than you may think.

Seafood is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals, but low in saturated fat and calories.

Try substituting the traditional protein in your favorite dishes with seafood.

This is enough to serve 6 (or 4 very hungry) people.

Looking for a healthy snack using simple ingredients? Skillet toasted chickpeas are the quick answer.